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  • Образование
    Georgetown University - The McDonough School of Business MBA Finance, Marketing, Real Estate Development 2004 – 2006 University of California, Berkeley BS Field Of Study Civil Engineering 1986 – 1991
  • Компания
    Affinis Labs
  • Должность
    CTO and Co-Founder

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Shahed Amanullah
Co-founder and CTO at Affinis Lab

Shahed Amanullah has a BS from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Georgetown. For three years, he was named as one of the 500 most influential Muslims by Georgetown University and the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre in Jordan. He was also named as one of the 500 most prominent figures in the global Islamic economy in 2015 and as and one of the top 10 most visionary young Muslims by Islamica Magazine in 2007. A Silicon Valley veteran and former senior advisor to the US Department of State, Shahed has a string of other startups under his belt. He co-founded Affinis Labs, a startup incubator for businesses making positive social impacts in global Muslim communities, co-founded LaunchPosse, a service that helps people leverage their social networks to shape and launch ideas for entrepreneurship; co-founded Relatia, a venture-backed mobile software company acquired in 2001, founded Halalfire, a producer of online content and market research for global Muslim communities, founded Altmuslim, an online magazine with 2.5 million annual readers; and created Zabihah, the world's largest Halal restaurant guide with 10 million annual users and 500,000 mobile app downloads.

Трудовая деятельность

CTO and Co-Founder NameAffinis Labs Feb 2015 – Present Falls Church, VA Co-Founder LaunchPosse Jan 2014 – Present Washington D.C. Metro Area Founder Halalfire Aug 1998 – Present Washington D.C. Metro Area

Thoughts on Entrepreneurship.

“I believe entrepreneurship needs to have a positive social impact in order for it to be meaningful enough for me to work on.”