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Com Mirza
Founder Thecontribution.org

Com Mirza is a serial entrepreneur, investor and dream chaser. He has launched over 3 dozen companies around the world, made almost 100 Investments, and has mentored, trained and coached thousands of entrepreneurs. He is also a driving force in raising the level of contribution on the planet through his TheContributon.Org project. As an investor, he is passionate to invest in entrepreneurs, early stage companies, and real estate deals, new ventures, and philanthropic projects. He is most notable in business for his Billion Dollar Mastermind program, workshops and events and the Dream Chasing Family, a community of over 45,000 people around the world who collaborate to help each other reach their dreams faster.

Thoughts on Hardwork

“It comes down to the work. If you are the hardest working, it is inevitable that you will be successful.”