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Ali Dabaja
founder and CEO of Hajjnet

Ali Dabaja is the founder and CEO of Hajjnet, a Dubai based startup focused on enhancing the Hajj and Umrah experience by better preparing and guiding pilgrims. Dabaja brings to Hajjnet a wealth of experience as an independent entrepreneur who also founded Mayflower Media Holdings that operates furniture retail stores through its subsidiaries. Hajjnet delivers web and mobile apps to help Muslims perform their pilgrimage on the hajj or umrah. Its best-known product is the Salam App, an Umrah guide that will support millions of pilgrims in every step of their Umrah pilgrimage and with full social media integration. Hajjnet won the Innovation4Impact Award at the Global Islamic Economy Summit 2015 in Dubai, and since its launch in 2014, the Salam App has also been listed among the Top 10 apps in Apple’s App Store in the travel category.

About Muslims

“Our goal is to help Muslims focus on the spiritual aspects of Hajj.”