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    American Muslim
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    Chairman and Co-Founder

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Saad Malik
Co-Founder and Chairman of American Muslim

Saad Malik is co-founder and chairman of American Muslim Consumer Consortium (AMCC), a registered non-profit organization dedicated to developing the American Muslim consumer market as well as empower Muslim Consumers and entrepreneurs. Saad has also co-founded numerous technology startups including Investroo and Thinkademy. ThinkAdemy brings affordable real estate investing education to people everywhere, in order to help them become better and smarter investors. During his time at Integ Labs, Saad developed two mobile apps; Game on, an app to organize and discover local pick-up games; and Zaabi, a Yelp-like directory for the conscious foodie.

Thoughts on His Work

“We’re building a platform to empower Muslim startups and entrepreneurs.”