Больше людей
  • Образование
    King's College London - Classical Studies
  • Компания
    The Muslim Vibe
  • Должность
    Co-founder and acting editor-in-chief

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Salim Kassam
Co-founder and acting editor-in-chief of The Muslim Vibe

Salim Kassam is the co-founder and acting editor-in-chief of The Muslim Vibe, a digital media network promoting ethical, positive, engaging, relevant and thought-provoking Islamic content targeted to be the online magazine for Western Muslims. Kassam’s experience also includes being a co-director at Creative Digital, an agency that offers affordable creative marketing solutions for a range of companies within various industries, and is a presenter on Ahlulbayt Television Network.

About Humanity

“When we do things in the media, it needs to be on our terms not theirs. It needs to fulfill our agendas, not theirs.”