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Ali Ardekani

Ali Ardekani, best known by his stage name Baba Ali, is an Iranian-born American comedian, games developer, businessman and actor. He rose to prominence within the online Muslim community when he co-founded Ummah Films, which delivered halal and edgy video blogs that discuss various Islamic topics using humor. The company has produced several popular web series watched by millions worldwide, including ‘The Reminder Series and Ask Baba Ali’. Ardekani has also appeared on the Islam Channel and is has become a frequent guest at various international Muslim conferences and events. As a businessman, Ardekani has designed two board games Mecca to Medina, a board game about trading and negotiating with an Islamic-theme and Kalimaat, a game about common knowledge and memory. In 2010, Ardekani founded Half Our Deen, a popular Muslim matrimonial website that provides an innovative, easy to use and private service for Muslims to find their partner in marriage. Being in high demand, Ali has been traveling the world doing stand-up to a wide range of Muslim and non-Muslim audiences. He has spent the past two years traveling to over 30 cities and has performed all over the US, UK and Canada. Performing for audiences as large as 37,000 and for all ages including youth as young as nine, Ali has received rave reviews in the NY Times, USA Today and the LA Times as well as been featured in seven episodes of Direct TV's "The Fizz News." What started out as simple YouTube blog has turned into something that people all over the world are ready to hear more about, giving Ali the opportunity to travel all over the world to perform his rare one-of-a-kind stand-up. In the space of only one year, Baba Ali from Ummah Films has arguably become the Muslim world's first Internet celebrity with his edgy video blogs, which has been watched by millions worldwide. Humor is a powerful emotion, and using it is indeed an art form. That's exactly what the year's most promising Muslim comedian, Baba Ali, has accomplished, taking a lighthearted approach toward Muslim-based entertainment. Taking the Internet by storm, Baba Ali's first video blog series, "The Reminder," has been a major success with nearly five million page views on YouTube alone. His style of humor has been acclaimed as creative, witty and thought-provoking, sending a powerful message that reaches all races and religions. "My goal with my comedy is to dispel the misconceptions among not only non-Muslims, but with Muslims as well," said Baba Ali, writer-producer of the series. The stand-up style combines comedy with a serious subject matter in a way that reaches out to the hearts and minds of his audience.

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“If you’re trying to please everyone, that’s how you’re going to fail. When you try to please only Allah, that’s how you will succeed”