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Chris Abdur-Rahman Blauvelt
CEO and Co-Founder of Launchgood

Chris Blauvelt is a Muslim American entrepreneur who studied education and Islamic studies at the University of Michigan. His early career highlights included being a teacher at one of the top boarding schools in the world, founding an Arabic non-profit and producing ‘Bilal's Stand’, an award-winning Sundance film about an American Muslim. Blauvelt is currently the CEO and co-founder of LaunchGood, an internet crowdfunding platform that enables Muslims worldwide bring to life incredible businesses, products and services. As of October 2016, LaunchGood has helped to crowdfund over $11 million for over 1,000 projects in 68 countries. LaunchGood has received multiple awards, including the Islamic Economy Award for Small & Medium Enterprises and the American Muslim Consumer Conference for Entrepreneur Showcase. Blauvelt is also the founder of Patronicity, a crowdfunding & crowdgranting platform that brings together local citizens and sponsors to support great initiatives in their communities.

Believe in Muslims

“We believe Muslims can be a wellspring of solutions & have incredible values to share with the world”