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    Alif TV channel about the life of Muslims in Islam

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Aydan Mamedova

Parents of Aydan Azeri. She was born in Saratov live there. Speaks three languages: Azerbaijani, Russian and Turkish, which he learned on his own.

Трудовая деятельность

Aidan has created a channel to combat Islamophobia in society. Thanks to its channel she wants to destroy the existing negative stereotypes about Islam. The first stereotype is that many ignorant people equate Islam to terrorism. Second, many people think that all Muslim women — oppressed women.On the channel "Blog Muslim women" Aidan covers a wide range of problems, from issues relating to religion, to issues of beauty and self-improvement, and answers questions from subscribers.In addition to the channel on YouTube, the Aidan have an account and a group in Vkontakte, she also maintains a blog on amornews.az and answering questions on the website ask.fm. In addition, she has an Instagram account. Aidan also maintains a number of programs on TV, particularly "Islamic mosaic" on channel "Russia-24", "Profession in hijab" channel "Nur TV", and the transfer of "taste — the pocket" to "Alif TV".One of the most popular videos on the channel is a three-minute video "I'm Muslim, and I'm scared," which she recorded after the terrorist attacks of ISIL in Paris.

About prejudice

“Thinking people can do to get rid of their prejudices. Because they understand people, situations and opinions in the world very much. And they are all different. That is why a single standard way of life simply can not be.”