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Sana Ullah

Sana Ullah was born and raised in South Florida in a family of immigrants from Bangladesh. Sana was educated at Florida International University in Miami for his College. At the University she worked as a photography.

Трудовая деятельность

In 2012, the section began working in the student media of the University as a staff photographer, for the past semester, she was promoted to photo editor, which was able to cooperate with well-known personalities such as Larry king. After Sana started teaching children reading and writing in the framework of after school programs in Miami gardens, FL. and worked as a volunteer helping to provide meals for local homeless. She became the Director of social media. Ulla is also collaborating with a music label IMG Strong Arm.

Ulla have won photo contests abroad, her work has been published in The Miami Herald, The Huffington Post, NAPE, Health and Fitness, SLAM Magazine. Ulla visited Morocco and Spain through the U.S. Department of State, where she was able to prepare photos and video about American diplomats abroad. Her work will be represented in the new center of the United States — the Museum of diplomacy in the fall of 2017.

Today Sana Ullah obtained his master's degree in the field of new media photojournalism at the school at the George Washington University Corcoran of art and design in Washington D.C. and works as an Intern in the Department of audio-visual effects in the Smithsonian.